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I have been quite delayed. Too much Homework, and I’m barely keeping up with both my jobs. I might be quitting one soon, so hopefully by then I’ll have more time to draw. I need to devote more time to school. Also I want to finish soon already. I’ll be posting again soon. 

So in order to keep myself motivated and fill in those blank sketchbooks that I own. I decided to do this. That and I really need to explore drawing out of my comfort zone. Well, I think i do. 


Its pretty late and I can’t sleep. Why not draw? #drawing #guy #boy #ink #sketch #copic #markers #art #illustration #anime #wip #pencil #paper

Mirai Trunks (Future Trunks) Fan Art. 

I drew this one for one purpose only. To see how far I’ve improved since the four years that I drew a Fanart of Future Trunks. As you can see the top ones are the pictures of the latest Trunks I did, same type of paper and I used the same type of mechanical pencil.  The Bottom picture is the first I did back in 2010. 
Obviously, mistakes didn’t go unnoticed in my new one. However, I’m still pleased with the result, and hopefully I can improve further as I go. 

Finished. Mirai Trunks.
#miraitrunks #futuretrunks #dbz #draw #picture #drawing #dragonballz #fanart #anime #paper #pencil

Mirai Trunks fanart. I’ve sided this one for too long. I’m going to try to finish it by tonight. Drawn in pencil. W.I.P. #futuretrunks #miraitrunks #dbz #dragonballz #fanart #drawing #art #paper #pencil

Drawing on sketchbook pro. :D.

Okay this is fucking legendary lmao. How can I not post this? Its DBZ!! I drew this when I was like what 12? 11? Rofl. Soo old. #tbt

Posting this for a friend since he asked how I used to draw. This goes back to when I was like 13 or 14 years old. Lmao. #tbt

Lady of the Wind is finally finished. 
What can i say about this one? Well for one I did have a lot of work as of late, it was difficult to find time with two jobs. But I got it done. I still have like i said in the last post two more elements to go. 
Fire and Water. 
I’m definitely dying to do fire the most. Seeing as we are in the fire month and I pride myself in being a Leo lol. But I also want to leave the best for last. Decisions, decisions… 
As for Lady of the Wind, I had friends who liked it, but I still felt unhappy with it for various reasons. But again, I’m always going to be my worst critic. lol.